Thursday, March 27, 2008

Interest Places In Tawau, Sabah

Tawau Hills Park

The Tawau Hills National Park was gazetted in 1979 and comprises 27,972 ha. Located 24 Km from Tawau town, this area is accessible by road and the Park Head Quarters are located at the entrance of the park. The highest point of the park at 1310 m is Gunung Madalena. The park offers picnic areas, a vast camping site, and chalets,
and is very popular with Tawau local residents on weekends.

Tawau Hills Park is about 40 minutes drive from Tawau town. The park consist mainly lowland forest. With the lowland attitude above 1000 meter, orchids are abundant and discover the most spectacular within the park, the Elephant’s Ear Orchid. If you're into plants you might find many lowland species plants here. Vegetation to see are the lowland Dipterocarp forest. Flora and fauna, such as orchids are in abundance.

If you're lucky you might able to spot some wildlife animal here. Long tailed macaques Red-Leaf monkeys are common. Occasionally a troop of white monkeys can also be sighted. U might want to be careful with your food when these monkeys are around. Other common animals include The Forest Tortoise, Giant Tree Squirrels, Civet-Cat and even Clouded Leopards, Hornbills and other forest binds are abundant in the park. Visitors can enjoy the facilities at the park such as crystal clear river for swimming, spectacular waterfall, picnic area, barbecue stands, suspension bridge, public shelter, jungle trails and canteen. If you like outdoor, there are also camping grounds.

The park was gazetted as a protection for water catchment for the people of Tawau town and the Semporna peninsula. The Tawau River flows through the park, fed by abundant rainfall throughout the year. The rivers in the park tumble over several attractive waterfalls, and the Table Waterfall has created a natural swimming pool. Shelters, toilets and changing rooms are near the Table Waterfall. Beware if you wish to swim beneath the waterfall as the pool is quite deep. A trail leads further into the forest to a calm Hot Spring, past more spectacular waterfalls, but you need to count three hours of trekking. Bombalai Hill (530m) is only about a half-an-hour jungle walk. From the hill you have a panoramic view of cacao and palm oil plantations, Tawau town and at the horizon the Sulawesi Sea!

The Park comprises rugged volcanic landscapes. Bombalai Hill is a relatively young volcanic cone and the remains of the central crater, which can still be seen on the summit. Vegetation to see are the lowland Dipterocarp forest. Flora and fauna, such as orchids are in abundance.

U can have a day trip visit here however if you wish to stay here there are 1 Chalet and 2 jungle lodges available for visitors. If you're a large group the campsite can accommodate 500 to 1000 campers. Camp site rate is RM5.00 per person/night. RM 2.00 (below 18 years) per person/night. Those who wish to camp must use their own camping equipment.

Accommodation and queries can made to:

Koperasi KOKTAS Sdn Bhd Tel/Fax: 089-768719


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